Me (Guanajuato, Mexico)

I'm Koen Flores.

I'm an engineer who is equally captivated and confused about the world.  To me, Open Thought represents a willingness to actively consider new concepts and perspectives. Derived from the idea of an "open mind", Open Thought intends to add deliberate practice to stepping outside our own brains.

One of those practices is this website. A blog that welcomes life's captivation and confusion even more. My friend and I also attempt to do so in our podcast (linked below).

As of 2021, there are ~1.84 billion websites on the internet. That's ~1.84 billion other websites you could have chosen, but you chose this one, so thanks.

Open Thought
Listen to Open Thought on Spotify. Open Thought is a podcast that embodies the willingness to actively consider new concepts and perspectives through literature, discourse, debate, and humor.
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